DS is aware that in 1992 the West knew of Novichok through the data provided by a defecting Russian scientist; see document in link here. (table2, page 25) Yet the two most recent Threat trend analyses for and by HMG hardly mention CBRN via state actors; see documents in links here.
It bothers DS that following SDSR 2010 the Joint Army/RAF Regiment specialist CBRN capability built up during the Cold War was emasculated on the basis of a conveniently upbeat threat analysis in respect of the future CBRN threat. This in turn gave the green light, in an otherwise manpower reducing scenario for the Army to retain soldiers by giving up its former responsibilities in the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment  and transferring the responsibility to the Defence CBRN Wing.
The MoD has the national CBRN expertise, perhaps it should, under MACA/MACP support, always take the initial lead in containing and managing the contamination in these incidents: naturally under command of civil Gold Command.
Time for a wake up and shake up in Whitehall.”  

Vital Wake Up Call From VCDS, General Sir Gordon Messenger by Howard Wheeldon 5 March 2018

DefenceSynergia is indebted to Howard Wheeldon for this timely and pertinent review of Vice Chief of the Defence Staff (VCDS), Gen Sir Gordon Messenger’s, recent media interview taken alongside the views expressed by the Chief of the General Staff (CGS), Gen Sir Nick Carter and Gen Sir Richard Barrons, the recently retired head of UK Joint Forces Command. Indeed, their interventions and warnings as to threats and capabilities, which must be taken seriously, are further amplified by Tobias Ellwood MP, who has stated that 2% of GDP is simply not enough and the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), ACM Sir Stephen Hillier, who in today’s press, amongst other things, highlights the increasing threat posed by Russia. This is what Howard says: (more…)

DefenceSynergia Input to the House of Commons Defence Committee Inquiry into the Royal Marines and Supporting Landing Ships

After the publication of the House of Commons Defence Comittee report on the Royal Marines and UK Amphibious Capability, DS Publishes its input to  this important inquiry.

The Full report can be read HERE and the DS submission below.

01. DefenceSynergia (DS) was formed by former directors and policy board members of the United Kingdom National Defence Association (UKNDA) prior to the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) to examine and expose weaknesses in UK strategy and defence policy on a self funding, apolitical, tri-service basis – in the parlance of the day we are ‘Purple’. This DS input is in response to the House of Commons Defence Committee (HoCDC) call for evidence into the Royal Marines (RM) and their supporting ‘Albion Class’ Landing Platform Dock (LPD) Amphibious Warfare (AW) ships – HMS Bulwark and HMS Albion. The evidence provided by DS is broken down into paragraphs corresponding to the specific questions (in Italics) asked by the HoCDC. (more…)

Political Correctness in the Military

DefenceSynergia(DS) views with mounting concern and incredulity MOD’s focus on obliging the Armed Forces to fulfil every twist and turn of the Political Correct (PC) agenda instead of focusing on their fighting effectiveness.

Colonel Tim Collins, who made his name on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, rightly and wisely wrote on such matters in the Daily Telegraph on 6th January 2018, succinctly establishing the principles on which the British Army should be built – and on which, until recently, it was. The same sentiments, we are sure, can be transferred to the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. Our Armed Forces are fighting machines, not social clubs. (more…)

The United Kingdom’s Future Nuclear Deterrent: The Dreadnought Programme 2017 Update to Parliament


The United Kingdom’s (UK) nuclear deterrent deters against the most extreme threats to our way of life, both now and in the future. It provides the ultimate guarantee of our national security, and is a major part of this Government’s commitment to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. In 2016, Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the UK’s nuclear deterrent, and replacing the current Vanguard Class submarines with four new ballistic missile submarines, now known as the Dreadnought Class. This will ensure that the UK has a credible, independent and capable nuclear deterrent out to the 2060s and beyond. This is the sixth annual update to Parliament on the replacement submarine programme. (more…)

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