PM statement on Forces Funding Settlement 19/11/20

Mr Speaker, thank you and with permission, I will update the House on the Government’s Integrated Review of foreign, defence, security and development policy.

Our Review will conclude early next year, setting out the UK’s international agenda, but I want to inform the House of its first outcome. (more…)

PAC Report Delivering Carrier Strike

DefenceSynergia provided written evidence to and publishes here the Public Accounts Committee report entitled ‘Delivering Carrier Strike’ which was formally released on 13th November. 
Some of the headlines in the media and on social media have been lurid – read and decide for yourself. Full report HERE

I had high hopes for the Integrated Review. Then the wheels came off

DefenceSynergia (DS) is indebted to Politics Home and The House Magazine of the House Commons for the sight of an article by Lord Robertson covering the Government’s Integrated Review. Lord Robertson was Secretary-General of NATO (1999 to 2003) and British Defence Secretary (1997 to 1999) – at which time he initiated the well-received Strategic Defence Review of 1998. 
DS feels that Lord Robertson’s views deserve the widest circulation and as such reproduces the article below.


Houses of Parliament

House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee – A brave new Britain?

DefenceSynergia is pleased to publish the latest report by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee – A brave new Britain? The future of the UK’s international policy – not least because, in a Strategic Defence and Security context, it supports the position DS has held for over a decade. To quote just one element of this excellent and comprehensive report as an example paragraph 12 of the report’s conclusions says:


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