DefenceSynergia – Ministry of Defence Funding Problems – More Money or Use it Better?

DS examines defence funding: More Money or Use it Better?

On 9th Apr 2017, Roger Bootle, a financial consultant, published an article for the Telegraph entitled “Why the Government should be spending more on defence”. His position can be summarized using two of his statements:

“It is all a matter of how much of your GDP you are prepared to spend on defence. The current figure of 2pc is too low. We spend on welfare about six times what we spend on defence. Yet during the early 1990s, defence spending ran at about 4pc of GDP. Today Russia spends about 5pc of GDP and the US 3.3pc.”

The bigger our defence budget the stronger Prime Minister May’s hand will be in negotiating with our soon-to-be-erstwhile EU partners. Money spent on ships and planes may pay dividends in trade and investment. “ (more…)

Royal Air Force – 2017 and Beyond into its Second Century


Royal Air Force – 2017 and Beyond into its Second Century

This short DefenceSynergia brief looks at the Royal Air Force (RAF) today with some references to the past but looking to the future and is deliberately concise. It opens with a spot brief and concludes with a short written summary of what this means in practice including, surprisingly, references to the Royal Navy and British Army. (more…)

PM’s Message in the initial aftermath of yesterday’s Terrorist Outrage in Westminster

DS will not comment upon the Westminster Terrorist Outrage committed on 22 March 2017 except to reproduce the words of our Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Theresa May MP, offered whilst the incident was still being evaluated and which speak powerfully of the debt we all owe our security forces – civilian and military – who stand into danger to protect us. (more…)

Delivering Carrier Strike

DS notes the recent publication of the NAO report on Delivering Carrier Strike and posts links Below:

“The Department has made good progress and clear plans to achieve an initial Carrier Strike operating capability by December 2020, but it still has a lot to do as it brings together the equipment, trained crews, infrastructure and support. Problems in any of these areas could mean use of the carriers is delayed or reduced. The programme will shortly move into a high-risk period of trials, testing and training which may affect plans and increase costs. The closely timed sequence of tasks offers no further room for slippage and there remain significant risks to value for money.”

Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office, 16 March 2017 (more…)

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