Carrier Strike Briefing DS PAC and HCDC input Jan 2021

DefenceSynergia (DS) has long advocated that the UK requires ‘true Carrier Strike’ capability in order to help meet the government’s ‘Global Britain’ mantra – what we take to mean ‘Strategic Aim’. As such DS has fully supported the development, build, and introduction into service of the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) carriers – HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. 


NAO Report 12 Jan 2021 – MOD 2020 to 2030 Equipment Plan

DefenceSynergia (DS) has recently written to the Public Accounts and Defence Committees following-up on the 2020 National Audit Office NAO report into Carrier Strike. It is therefore timely that the NAO has itself released its most recent report into the MOD’s 2020/2030 Equipment Plan which they claim still indicates an element of underfunding despite the welcome increase in the Defence Budget announced by the Prime Minister only last month.
The key facts and a summary of the NAO report can be read HERE

A culture of apathy and dishonesty within the British Army: The Wavell Room

It is rare to read a narrative from a serving person. DefenceSynergia is saddened to read of the real challenges faced by some of those serving. The issues are likely applicable across the Armed Forces and, although they are not new, they are rarely heard. 
Action on ‘The say not do gap’. is clearly needed now for those who defend our country. The understandably anonymous Wavell Room article can be accessed by clicking Here

Defence Secretary’s speech at the RUSI Conference covering the Integrated Review, the spending review settlement and other issues for defence

For DefenceSynergia (DS) it is encouraging to see the Secretary of State for Defence supporting innovation and the development of strategy in his 11th December 2020 speech to the Royal United Services Institute. As he says, “The consequences of decades of SDSRs that were over-ambitious and under-funded, were fast coming ‘home to roost’. All of us have got used to SDSRs that looked good at the press launch but faded by tea-time.” 
DS hopes that these welcome observations and sentiments represent a genuine new reality which leads to real change. Here is what Mr Wallace said:



DefenceSynergia Commentary – Ministry of Defence to Cut Reserve Training and Reduce E-3D AWACS Fleet to Save £1Billion Per Annum.

It appears to DefenceSynergia (DS) that the old adage ‘what one gives with one hand can be taken back with the other’ applies to our Prime Minister (PM). The Secretary of State for Defence, The Right Honourable Mr Ben Wallace MP, has declared that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) must find £1bn in savings next year despite the PM promising MOD an extra £16.5bn over 4 years, according to reports in today’s press. (more…)

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