DefenceSynergia Welcomes the New Secretary of State for Defence With a Caution

DS welcomes the new Secretary of State for Defence, The Right Honourable Gavin Williamson MP, and acknowledges his recent plaudits and support for Her Majesty’s Forces, and pride in the entry into service of the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier (QEC) and, at a later date, its associated new combat aircraft. However, DS would caution against the historic Ministry of Defence (MOD) exuberant use of grandiose statements that seek to hide reducing existing capability and lauding as yet unproven and highly complex new Capabilities. (more…)

Cornish: The Abandonment of Strategic Reason

DefenceSynergia (DS) is most grateful to Professor Dr Julian Lindley-French and Professor Paul Cornish for permission to publish a most pertinent and prescient article entitled ‘The Abandonment of Strategic Reason recently published on Dr Lindley-French’s own blog

Dear Friend and Colleague, please find below the first of a series of occasional blogs in which I introduce a guest contributor to comment on a matter of contemporary relevance. In this case it is my old friend and colleague Professor Paul Cornish, who has a stern warning for a London obsessed with short-term politics and locked into another bout of elite hysteria, to re-focus on Britain’s strategic fundamentals as it carries out the National Security Capabilities Review. All best, Julian (more…)

UK Defence – General Barrons Tells It How It Is!

DS is pleased to be able to reproduce Howard Wheeldons opinion piece on the state of UK defence

As many others reading this piece today may also have done, I too listened with great interest to the views of the highly respected, now retired, immediate former head of ‘Joint Forces Command, General Sir Richard Barrons, in an interview he gave to the BBC Radio 4 ‘Today Programme’ yesterday morning. Clear, precise and very much to the point, General Sir Richard left absolutely no room for doubts in respect of genuine and very correct concerns in relation to UK defence strategy, policy and lack of funding and of how he sees very visible weakness in UK defence capability today. (more…)

DefenceSynergia’s Input to the Mini SDSR Process and the HoCDC

National Defence & Strategy Research Group
Exposing the incoherence and weakness in the United Kingdom’s
Defence and Security Strategies





DefenceSynergia’s Input to the Mini SDSR Process and the HoCDC
September 2017

Winston Churchill was once asked by a new MP what he considered an MP’s most important quality. The great man replied ‘Courage’.

The MP was a little surprised, perhaps thinking that qualities such as loyalty, integrity or some such more likely; so, he asked ‘Why is that?’. Churchill replied ‘It is the quality that guarantees all the others’.

So it is with defence: the government responsibility that guarantees all the others can be delivered. (more…)

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