Private Commentary by Christopher Samuel a Founding Member of DefenceSynergia (edited for publication)

The Pandemic ‘Discovery’ – MOD

A decade ago, the Government established in its ‘risk register’ that a Pandemic although unlikely to occur was a high threat to the country. In 2016 there was an exercise held to test the Health Service readiness of the ‘government’. The results showed several shortcomings.

In 2019 the Covid 19 pandemic emerged and the UK, like the rest of the world, was found wanting in its response. (more…)

DefenceSynergia Open Letter to The Right Honourable Ben Wallace MP, Secretary of State for Defence

National and Defence Strategies Research Group



Dear Secretary of State,

DefenceSynergia has long argued, alongside few others, that the UK lacks an articulated Grand Strategy that can inform a subordinate Naval, Military and Air Joint Strategy. The events in Afghanistan, which can only be described as a Strategic and Tactical series of shocks to the USA, UK and NATO allies, has very clearly demonstrated what happens when foreign policy is conducted “on the hoof”. (more…)

Afghanistan and the Strategic Lesson for Her Majesty’s Government

Afghanistan and the Strategic Lesson for Her Majesty’s Government

A DefenceSynergia Commentary

It is interesting that Ben Wallace is quoted in various news outlets as saying ‘…the option of a unilateral UK presence in Afghanistan was considered. We could have put a force there but we would have had to take ourselves out of a lot of other places around the world. The possibility… was not viable.’ (more…)

Open letter from 12 Armed Forces charities

DefenceSynergia (DS) is happy to publish an open letter from 12 Armed Forces charities asking MPs to consider changes to the the ‘Armed Forces Bill’. The COBSEO website, in introducing the letter says this- “The following joint letter has been co-signed by the Royal British Legion, Poppyscotland, Cobseo – The Confederation of Service Charities, Veterans Scotland, SSAFA the Armed Forces charity, Help for Heroes, Combat Stress, Forces in Mind Trust, the Naval Families Federation, Army Families Federation and RAF Families Federation and RAFA.”


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