Her Majesty’s official 90th Birthday celebrations ended with an impressive display of 15 different types of aircraft, five of which are being provided by squadrons celebrating their own 100th birthday.

The Royal Air Force aerobatic team, The Red Arrows approach Buckingham Palace as part of the Queens Birthday Flypast on 11 June 2016. Seen here flying over The Mall as crowds gather to watch.

United Kingdom Defence Politics and the Analyst

Following the end of the 2016 Party Conference season DefenceSynergia (DS) decided to take stock of the political position vis-a-vis United Kingdom Security and Defence in the wake of the 2015 party manifestos and changing political leadership across many major UK parties. In doing so DS takes an apolitical stance but is not shy in making critical observations where the direction of travel and subsequent rhetoric are, in our opinion, at odds with cohesive policy or stated positions. (more…)

HMS DARING sailing into Gibraltar while vessels from the Gibraltar Royal Naval Squadron provides security while she is within the British Gibraltar territorial waters.

Pictured is HMS DARING, also alongside in Gibraltar is RFA Mounts Bay (L3008) and HMS DIAMOND (D34).

The two Fast Patrol Boats of the Royal Navy's Gibraltar Squadron, HMS Sabre and HMS Scimitar, watch over Gibraltar's shores and support ships in the Strait of Gibraltar. The two boats, along with three Pacific Rigid Inflatable Boats, support British exercises and operations in the area.

HMS Daring, the first Type 45, is at the forefront of the Royal Navy’s next generation of Area Air Defence Destroyers. At 151 metres long, weighing 8000 tonnes and packed with the latest in Air Warfare technology, Daring is a world leader and world beater.

Her highly trained complement of 190 Sailors is trained to act across the full spectrum of military activity; including such missions as Disaster Relief in the wake of a typhoon, Maritime Security operations to counter the threat from piracy, and when required, high intensity war fighting against the nation’s enemies.


DS is most grateful to the Editorial Board of The NAVY: The Magazine of the Navy League of Australia and Professor Dr Julian Lindley-French for granting permission to publish a recent article entitled ‘The Global West is All at Sea’. The development of Strategy, national and global, to meet emerging threats is crucial but all too often neglected or ignored by government. In the case of UK, it will be for HMG to ensure that appropriate funding is made available to HM Armed Forces to enable military utility to match the strategic aim (more…)

A Royal Air Force Atlas A400M transport aircraft flying over the Severn Bridge in the West of England.

The Atlas Airbus A400M is a multi-national four engined turboprop military transport aircraft. Designed by Airbus as a replacement for older transporters such as the Hercules C-130 it can perform additional roles including electronic surveillance and aerial refuelling. 

This particular A400 is called "The City of Bristol" and is operated by 206(R) Squadron based at RAF Brize Norton photographed over the city and surrounding areas of Bristol, Gloucestershire. Its called the "The City of Bristol" due to the ties with the city, the wings are made in Filton, Bristol.

Thales and Royal Air Force Air Transport Synthetic Training Systems

DS is once again grateful to Howard Wheeldon FRAeS for granting permission to reproduce one of his informative articles. This one is based on Howard’s recent visit to RAF Brize Norton and covers the sophisticated government funded contractor operated Synthetic system in place for the training of RAF air and ground crew on the A330 Voyager and A400M Atlas. We are pleased to publish it because it is one of those rare unqualified UK Defence ‘Good News’ stories but was not covered in our earlier commentary. Who knows, there could be more. (more…)

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