Pictured from within Buckingham Palace is an element of The Prince of Wales takeing a Royal Salute from the Household Cavalry Regiment, in front of Buckingham Palace, following the Colonels Review.  The Colonel's Review is the last dress rehearsal before the Queens Birthday Parade.

Defence Synergia – EU Membership Security

Defence Synergia – DS – is an apolitical group of operationally experienced Service people. DS are concerned with protection of the UK and offshore dependencies from external threats. DS commentary is focused on perceived shortcomings of defence and security forces; in this context, the EU question rests on an assessment of which choice offers the greatest security against a background in which the UK has no discernable Grand Strategy narrative of what global or regional role it aspires to play. (more…)

Merlin helicopters from 814 Naval Air Squadron are pictured onboard HMS Illustrious during Exercise Joint Warrior near Scotland.

814 Naval Air Squadron – better known throughout the Navy as the Flying Tigers (hence their striking badge) – flies from ships and air bases around the world shielding the Fleet from submarines. 

They also take it in turns with their sister squadron 820 to support the international effort against illegal activities on the high seas east of Suez – that’s piracy, people-trafficking, smuggling, drug-running and terrorism. 

814 NAS also deploys with Britain’s on-call aircraft carrier to practise their key role: submarine hunting.


In February DS set out its goals for 2016. One aspect of this work was to examine emerging and increasing threats to UK and NATO from a revanchist Russia and consider the coherence of NSS/SDSR 2015 and plans for Future Force 2020/25 in this regard. DS has long advocated that HMG should address the key defence areas of Resilience, Readiness, Responsiveness and Regeneration which we feel are being largely ignored for fiduciary reasons. We have argued that the lack of UK Force Enablers and UK policy to Home Base armoured forces is detrimental to NATO Rapid Response in time of crisis. (more…)

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