Defence Post General Election – A Post Truth Era?

A thought piece from one of our members, Tim Dainton.

Ice skating uphill is not very profitable, you get nowhere fast, but despite its weak denials that’s exactly what the United Kingdom’s (UK) Ministry of Defence (MoD) seem to be doing- with the Secretary of State still maintaining that spending is increasing and this somehow equates to an increase in capability which is patent nonsense.


Pre-Election RUSI Defence Debate

DS is pleased to provide a link to the recent RUSI debate on defence ahead of the general election, chaired by Mr Mark Urban. It is a pity that political interlocutors found it so difficult to think of defence as much more  than a ‘Westminster bubble football’ to be kicked around the park with little real regard for national security or the lives of our service people. Twas ever thus! 
Why anyone should find it so difficult to believe that the UK can only sortie a couple of submarines or warships, a few fast jets and only minor Army units at any one time at short notice is a mystery to DS? But then we have never worked out exactly when arithmetic and logic were trumped by MOD PR spin in the minds of the general public? And now it seems some esteemed contributors to RUSI have been taken in too. Good game, hope you are playing at home.

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