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Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament report on




Presented to Parliament pursuant to section 3
of the Justice and Security Act 2013
Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed on
21 July 2020

Suppose There Was a War and Nobody Came?


Exposing the incoherence and Weakness in the United Kingdom’s Defence and
 National Defence & Strategy Research Group

Security Strategies


Suppose There Was a War and Nobody Came?


The British public support the Armed Forces. Yet the polls show that the public does not really know what the Armed Forces do, what they are for and why they cost what they do! They trust the Government to ‘Defend the Realm’. (more…)

DefenceSynergia Input for the House of Commons Defence Select Committee Planning Assumptions, Funding and Capability in a Post Covid-19 World

DefenceSynergia (DS) is concerned about the potential economic effect of Covid-19 on United Kingdom (UK) Defence funding which has the most immediate impact on the Readiness, Responsiveness, Resilience, Regeneration and Capacity (R4C) of our Armed Forces. DS feels it wholly appropriate to provide this post-COVID-19 brief ahead of any proposed parliamentary inquiries. (more…)

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