Future Soldier Transforming the British Army

DefenceSynergia (DS) is still digesting the full implications of the UK Gov Policy Paper ‘Future Soldier Transforming the British Army’. 
However, the policy does seem to provide CGS with a clearer sense of Strategic purpose and a method of projecting multiple levels of power from a purely Land Forces perspective in a period of acknowledged diminishing ORBAT.  The plan to base an armoured brigade’s heavy equipment back in Germany is something that DS has been pressing for several years and is most welcome.


The Whitehall Competition – MOD pedigree – A DefenceSynergia View


The British system of resourcing the activities of Departments of State is for individual professional bodies to set out cases to the Treasury of what the perceived threats to their tasks are and likely to become, what resources they have and what they perceive they will need, in what might be called ‘The Whitehall Competition’ for taxpayers money. In this competition, there are supporters and some ‘grey’ activities as described recently by the First Sea Lord & Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) in hearings of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee (HCDC). (more…)

Incoherence In The British Army Order Of Battle (ORBAT)


Whilst DefenceSynergia (DS) has been critical of the RAF, RN and, most particularly, HMG for the parlous and incoherent state of HM Armed Forces the British Army are equally disadvantaged. In some ways, being an organisation that depends on people (boots on the ground) supported by protective vehicles, the situation for the Army is made worse through the paucity of sustainment and logistic enablers mentioned in the earlier DS critique of the RAF and RN.    (more…)

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