Incoherence In The British Army Order Of Battle (ORBAT)


Whilst DefenceSynergia (DS) has been critical of the RAF, RN and, most particularly, HMG for the parlous and incoherent state of HM Armed Forces the British Army are equally disadvantaged. In some ways, being an organisation that depends on people (boots on the ground) supported by protective vehicles, the situation for the Army is made worse through the paucity of sustainment and logistic enablers mentioned in the earlier DS critique of the RAF and RN.    (more…)

DefenceSynergia Commentary – HMG Complicity in MOD Underfunding


DefenceSynergia (DS) has been highly critical of the 3 services for allowing HM Forces to be steadily reduced and emasculated under the guise of ‘capability’ enhancement and then offering PR ‘can do’ to cover the obvious deficiencies. Recently DS were quite critical of the Air Staff for balancing the budget by gapping essential capability like the E-3D and imposing reductions in overall ISTAR/sensor platforms. (more…)

A 2021 Review of the DefenceSynergia (DS) Threat Analysis of March 2015


A 2021 Review of the DefenceSynergia (DS) Threat Analysis of March 2015


In 2015 DS conducted and published its own Threat Analysis in light of SDSR 2015. This has now been reviewed by DS and a comparison made with the current (2021) state of affairs post HMG’s Integrated Review and Command Paper. Our findings, in bold, are appended for each of the sections covered         (more…)

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