“We’re going to need a bigger Navy”

DefenceSynergia (DS) along with many defence analysts and concerned politicians have been making the case for a larger Royal Navy for over a decade or more. DefenceUK (formerly UKNDA) was making this case even earlier. The website ‘Navy Lookout’ (formerly ‘Save the Royal Navy’) has also been consistent in its view that the Royal Navy was being reduced too far. And there are earlier ignored Defence Committee reports to consider like ‘Restoring the Fleet’ from November 2016 which under the Chairmanship of Dr Julian Lewis MP concluded, inter alia,

 “At 19 ships, compared with 35 in 1997, the Royal Navy’s frigate and destroyer fleet is way below the critical mass required for the many tasks which could confront it. If the National Shipbuilding Strategy can deliver the Type 26 and Type 31 GPFF to time, the MoD can start to grow the Fleet and return it to an appropriate size. The 2015 SDSR set out the Government’s ambition for a modern, capable Royal Navy. Now is the time for the MoD to deliver on its promises”
Perhaps the Defence Committee might also continue to impress upon HMG the equally debilitating reductions in funding for personnel and equipment that various UK Governments have inflicted on the British Army and Royal Air Force since the fall of the Berlin Wall?