US DOD Annual China Report to Congress

DefenceSynergia is pleased, if more than a little concerned, to be able to publish the 2021 United States  Department of Defense Annual Report to Congress on China. 

DS is pleased because these annual reports are so well researched and informative. But we are concerned that the clear ‘threat’ to Western values, economic prosperity and way of life is not being acted upon here in the UK. Whereas we find many references in Parliamentary rhetoric to the ‘Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Threat’ this is not reflected in UK’s short to medium term  defence expenditure and plans. 
Indeed, during the most recent House of Commons questioning of the First Sea Lord, the Threat was acknowledged but the urgency fudged. Gapping capability now to save money with promises of more capability tomorrow – some predicated upon as yet undeveloped technology – is quite the opposite of the CCP’s Strategic and dynamic drive for dominance. 
The full DOD report can be read HERE.
© PLAN photo