Ukraine –Why is the West’s Response So Feeble?

DefenceSynergia (DS) is angry.


In fact, it is incandescent with rage at the endless facile outpourings of many in Parliament and some Journalists when they target Her Majesty’s Government response to the Russian abuse of international law in Ukraine.


Whilst the current Government deserves its share of blame for the parlous state of HM Armed Forces the rot set in 3 decades ago and successive governments, political parties and many supine often uninformed in defence issues, Members of Parliament over the same period have blood on their hands too. Despite ever reducing Defence budgets successive governments committed our Armed Forces to military operation after military operation – Kuwait/Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Syria. Mali etc. And the political appetite for using HM Armed Forces does not stop there – UN missions, hurricane relief, floods, strikes and Covid to name a few more.


Yet these same politicians and political parties voted to give ever more cash to welfare, education, and health. As one late lamented DS member put it, ‘they hosed money at them’ whilst at the same time asking our Armed Forces to do ever more with less! The MOD is judged not on lethality to counter the threat but on the ability to manage within budget. Annually the Public Accounts committee catalogues the failures in procurement but the need for resilience and managing the unexpected is never addressed.


The media and academics have also been complicit in not highlighting the decay.


Now the Russian hoards are at the gate – Kiev that is – and these same political parties ask why HMG is not doing more to confront the barbarians?


DS can tell you in a single phrase ‘lack of critical mass’!


Not just in the UK Armed Forces but across the whole of the EU and NATO, stand-fast the United States. So European leaders are confronted with the dilemma that Defence Analysts have been warning of for decades; our forces are too weak to stand alone even as a European collective without a decisive US President and the reassurance of massive USA military combat support. Without the USA NATO is a busted flush – militarily and politically! And the UK, despite hubris about being the major NATO contributor after the USA, is incapable of fielding more than penny packets of combat power in short order.


So, when the Chairman of the Defence Committee calls for an Air Exclusion Zone over Ukraine or a former Leader of the Conservative Party calls for boots on the ground in Ukraine, they surely cannot be suggesting that UK supplies these alone? Even if the political will was there the ‘Critical Mass’ is not. Not without that decisive US President mentioned being prepared to put large numbers of young US citizens in harm’s way to protect an ungrateful and parsimonious Europe!


DS calls for the cessation of defence cuts both in progress and planned.  It is never too late to defend our country. Having an adequate health system does not insure against a miserable life with the chance of an early demise. Wake up Britain.