UK Official Papers and Doctrine Documents

Click on the links below to download the UK official doctrine documents (PDFs)

British Army Industrial Engagement Framework

UK Air and Space Doctrine

UK Joint Doctrine

RAF AP3000 Air Power Doctrine

Army Doctrine

RN Doctrine

Cyber doctrine

UK Defence Doctrine 2014

Defence Acquisition Jenkin 2015

NATO Allied Joint Doctrine for Operational level planning with UK elements 2013

DCDC Future Operating Environment out to 2035 2015

DCDC Future Land Operating Concept 2012

DCDC Future Air and Space Operating Concept 2012

SDSR First Annual Report 2016

Strategic Trends Programme Future Operating Environment 2035

Strategic Trends Programme Global Strategic Trends – Out to 2045

Chemical Weapons Disarmament in Russia: Probelms and prospects

MOD Main estimates 2018-2019

UK Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey 2017

Combat Air Strategy 2018

Ministry of Defence’s contract with Annington Property Limited

NAO report on Ensuring suffcient skilled military personnel

PAC Report on Defence Nuclear Enterprise

NAO Mod Equipment Plan 2018-2028

An introduction to defence procurement-An aide memoire

APPG Ship building and repair report

HoC Investigation into Formar NI Personnel 8 Oct 2019

Operation Kipion: Royal Navy assets in the Persian Gulf

Principles of War Chart 2014

UK Submarine Delivery Agency framework document 1 April 2018

Defence equipment plan 2021