Time for all concerned to take the gloves off and speak out

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Time for all concerned supporters of HM Armed Forces to take the gloves off and speak out

Just a quick look at the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) own 2017 summary of United Kingdom (UK) Defence spending, at a glance, illustrates the Alison in Wonderland state of mind that the MOD find themselves in. According to the data published when Sir Michael Fallon was Secretary of State for Defence for financial years 2016/17 UK defence spending was £35.3bn. That is over thirty five thousand million pounds sterling! Eight point seven billion of which was spent on equipment and infrastructure alone in that same financial year.

Yet our Prime Minister, her Chancellor and, it seems, the full panoply of MOD staffs, including the Secretary of State for Defence, the most senior Civil Servant, the Chief of the Defence Staff, the First Sea Lord, the Chief of the General Staff and the Chief of the Air Staff cannot find circa £200m per year to fully fund a paltry 2.9% pay increase as recommended by the Government commissioned but independent Armed Forces Pay Review Body. Shame on them all!

To put this in perspective the sum involved to provide the annual recommended pay increase for the estimated 180,000 regulars and reserves the Government says the nation needs equates to two days of National Health Service (NHS) running costs. These are currently estimated for England to be £108m per day.1

This is not to say that service personnel are or should be in competition with other essential services. Rather it is a statement of fact that all Government’s continually fail dismally to prevent excessive departmental spending across the board yet penny pinch when it comes to people!

This is a time for leadership not yes men! Loyalty works both ways!

For DefenceSynergia 30 July 2018