State of the Union Summary of British Defence Priorities’ A Nicholas Drummond Article

DefenceSynergia (DS) is pleased to publish Nicholas Drummond’s article ‘State of the Union Summary of British Defence Priorities’ which originally appeared in UK Land Power. 
The article is prescient, well researched and thought provoking. 

It covers the need for strategic higher level planning in the formulation of the order of battle (ORBAT) and in each case provides a concise analysis of the problems besetting HM Armed Forces in the post Integrated Review world. Not least the personnel shortages in all 3 services; the platform/weapons systems shortages in the RN and RAF; and whether the British Army is truly sized and equipped for rapid heavy armour manoeuvre operations against a peer opponent? 
DS agrees with Mr Drummond. We argue that there is a lack of cohesive thought within MOD generally when they push for ‘Global Britain’ but continue to reduce Force Protection and Logistic Enablers in the RN, RAF, RFA and Combat Support Arms.      
This is an excellent analysis of the situation post the 2021 Integrated Review/Command Paper.
Read the full article  HERE: