Soundings: USN CNO Discusses Competition, Winning and Failure

Following recent DS papers on the state of the RN, The recent article and letters in the Times, DS finds  it refreshing the USN CNO Admiral John Richardson has the same concerns and ideas.

Soundings: CNO Discusses Competition, Winning and Failure
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Roger Boyes’ analysis of how tenuous is the security of world sea trade routes is right (“Trump must reassert US control of the seas”, Feb 22). UK imports and exports are shipped in British and foreign-flagged ships. Some 20 million containers cross the globe every day, up to 20,000 ubiquitous boxes on board just one container ship.

As Mr Boyes indicates, some major maritime “choke points” are near countries that do not share our interests. The Royal Navy’s role is therefore vital in securing our economic prosperity and security.

The defence secretary has declared 2017 the “year of the navy”. New aircraft carriers, Fleet Air Arm combat jets and submarines are a start.

It’s a dangerous world. The government must invest in more naval escorts, maritime logistics and Royal Marines’ amphibious capability. It must encourage more British seafarers and expansion of the merchant fleet.

Investing in our global maritime infrastructure — protection of our trade — is as important as investing in the nation’s energy or health infrastructure.

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope; Vice-Admiral John McAnally (national president, Royal Naval Association); Major-General Nick Vaux; Mark Dickinson (general secretary, Nautilus International); Commodore Barry Bryant (director-general, Seafarers UK); Captain John Sail (national chairman, Merchant Navy Association); Admiral Lord West of Spithead; Rear-Admiral Jeremy Larken; Rear-Admiral David Snelson; Commodore Michael Clapp; Commodore Chris Palmer; Captain Mike Barritt; Captain Alan Hensher; Lieutenant-Colonel Ewen Southby-Tailyour; Captain Malcolm Mathison; Captain Richard Woodman; Commander Graham Edmonds; Commander Ed Featherstone; Commander Laon Hulme; Commander Sharkey Ward; Commander Ian Whitehouse (publisher, “Warship World”); Lieutenant-Commander Ken Armitage; Lieutenant-Commander Lester May; Lieutenant-Commander Christopher Samuel; Cllr Dr Alexander Clarke (University lecturer and borough councillor (Conservative)); Dr Anthony J Cumming (author, “Battle for Britain”); Anthony Harvey (secretary, Maritime Foundation); Andy Healey (aerospace journalist); Dr Duncan Redford (naval historian); Pete Sandeman (director,; Tony Wells (senior visiting research fellow, King’s College London and author “A Tale of Two Navies”)