SDSR 2015 – An Insult to Your Intelligence


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Open Letter 9 August 2015

To Whom it May Concern

Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 – External Input

DefenceSynergia has become more than concerned that Her Majesty’s Government are determined to restrict input to the on-going Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR 2015). Despite recent public statements on the government website to the effect that the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence are willing to consider inputs from external sources, the methodology offered – 1500 characters only via a controlled website entry format – is, quite frankly, an insult.

It is simply disingenuous of the Government and a slight to the intelligence of professional analysts to suggest that this patently restrictive methodology is a genuine attempt to open up SDSR 2015 to a broad base of analytical thinking. By any standards it must be considered an own goal and must be challenged.

Therefore, DefenceSynergia is asking the Chair of the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (JCNSS), Defence Committee (HoCDC), Public Administration Select Committee (PASC), Senior Academics, defence analysts, other Defence Think Tanks, the public and media to use their various offices to lobby the Government to allow full and proper external input to SDSR 2015.

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