DS is aware that in 1992 the West knew of Novichok through the data provided by a defecting Russian scientist; see document in link here. (table2, page 25) Yet the two most recent Threat trend analyses for and by HMG hardly mention CBRN via state actors; see documents in links here.
It bothers DS that following SDSR 2010 the Joint Army/RAF Regiment specialist CBRN capability built up during the Cold War was emasculated on the basis of a conveniently upbeat threat analysis in respect of the future CBRN threat. This in turn gave the green light, in an otherwise manpower reducing scenario for the Army to retain soldiers by giving up its former responsibilities in the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment  and transferring the responsibility to the Defence CBRN Wing.
The MoD has the national CBRN expertise, perhaps it should, under MACA/MACP support, always take the initial lead in containing and managing the contamination in these incidents: naturally under command of civil Gold Command.
Time for a wake up and shake up in Whitehall.”