In February DS set out its goals for 2016. One aspect of this work was to examine emerging and increasing threats to UK and NATO from a revanchist Russia and consider the coherence of NSS/SDSR 2015 and plans for Future Force 2020/25 in this regard. DS has long advocated that HMG should address the key defence areas of Resilience, Readiness, Responsiveness and Regeneration which we feel are being largely ignored for fiduciary reasons. We have argued that the lack of UK Force Enablers and UK policy to Home Base armoured forces is detrimental to NATO Rapid Response in time of crisis.

DS made an input to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee on this subject – their findings including evidence submitted will be published in due course.

In the interim DS offers this 5 minute video presentation which encapsulates in visual format a major area of DS concern:


…That UK (and European NATO) is failing to match high-readiness-rapid-reinforcement plans with the capacity, capability and policy to deploy effective forces within a meaningful time-frame. The United States of America is addressing the issue and committing more funding to NATO forwarding basing, logistic support enablers and pre-stocking policy – HMG has thus far remained largely silent on the subject. [The RAND Corporation Report – ‘Reinforcing Deterrence on NATO’s Eastern Flank’ – which is referred to in the video can be found at link: ]