NAO MOD Equipment Plan Report 2018 to 2028

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DS notes that the NAO must have been briefed on the potential direction of MDP because they mention it in the Summary thus:
“6 The Department aims for the MDP to resolve its affordability challenges. As part of the MDP, announced in January 2018, the Department will consider its future equipment and support projects, including whether to delay, defer or de-scope some of its future defence requirements. Starting the MDP half-way through the budgetary process meant the Department had to revisit its aims for the 2018 Plan. Instead of tackling the increased financial risks and establishing a basis for long-term affordability, the Department focused on making just the first year of its 10-year Plan affordable. In March 2018, the Department committed to sharing emerging MDP findings with Parliament in July, but instead provided an overview of the broad strategic context, indicating the Department’s direction of travel. At the time of our report, the Department had not yet concluded the MDP. Decisions are now unlikely to be reflected in the 2019 Plan (paragraphs 1.7, 3.7 to 3.9, 3.13 and Figure 13).”

DS would like to know when the MDP findings will be published and Parliament and public informed of the implications to UK defence.

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