Modernising Defence Programme

DefenceSynergia (DS) is relieved that the Secretary of State for Defence has at long last published the Ministry of Defence (MOD) report entitled ‘Modernising Defence Programme’. At this early stage it is difficult to comment in depth about a report that has taken so long to produce so little albeit that DS takes heart that within the document there are welcome references to improvements in Readiness and Sustainment. Indeed, the direction of travel, to be innovative and responsive, is also welcome if a tad, dare we use the term, ‘nebulous’, without more clarity as to detail and resources. It is indeed welcome that the ‘trailed cuts’ to capability have failed to materialise and that the sub-surface threat is to be re-evaluated, who knows perhaps MOD may conclude like everyone else that a few more SSNs and LRMPA are required?Mobilise, Modernise and Transform! Who can argue with that? Let us hope that the MDP report is the start of a process and not the MOD’s idea of a conclusion! READ  THE REPORT HERE