MoD Equipment Plan 2019-2029

DefenceSynergia is pleased to publish the Ministry of Defence (MoD) 2019 to 2029 Equipment Plan.

However, a recent National Audit Office (NAO) report said this…”Today the National Audit Office (NAO) reports that the Ministry of Defence’s Equipment Plan (the Plan) is still unaffordable, with the MoD estimating that costs will be £2.9 billion higher than its budget over 2019-2029.The Plan sets out the MoD’s equipment and support budget over the next 10 years. It includes spending on equipment already in use and equipment in development. It accounts for 42% of the MoD’s total spending, meaning stability of the wider defence budget depends on effective management of the Plan. The Plan forecasts spending £183.6 billion on equipment and support costs over the next ten years, against a £180.7 billion budget. These costs could vary, and in a worst case scenario, should all the risks identified by the MoD materialise, this gap could grow to £13 billion.”

In respect of the ‘Support’ element of the MoD Plan DS has long warned of the serious negative effect that starving sustainment funding to prop up operational funding causes. Front line assets wither on the vine when MoD scrimps on maintenance and spares. In air force parlance – but with effects is felt equally across the 3 services – weapons platforms become ‘hanger queens’ when robbed of vital parts to keep other platforms operational.
DS refers to Readiness, Responsiveness, Resilience, Regeneration and Capacity (R4C) as the cornerstones of cohesive defence. All of the above are put at risk when commanders allow support budgets to dwindle in a short term but vain effort to prop up the front line. The evidence is in the reduced combat ready equipment availability being reported by independent sources – not MoD – across all 3 services.    
The 2019 – 2029 MoD equipment plan can be accessed HERE: