Hypersonic Threat

Hypersonic missiles travel at speeds in excess of Mach 5 (about one mile per second), some as high as Mach 25. They are a game-changing system, difficult to detect and even more difficult to kill and which may be either nuclear or conventionally armed. They have the potential to destabilise current defence postures. Western capabilities are embryonic and both China and Russia are, arguably, significantly more advanced. DefenceSynergia (DS) commends the American Foreign Policy Council paper Hypersonic Weapons written by Margot van Loon, Dr Larry Wortzel and Dr Mark B Schneider for its capture and simple explanation of the key elements of capability and risk. DS is pleased to provide the text of the paper with the kind permission of Dr Larry Wortzel. HERE

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Original source: https://www.academia.edu/39500404/Hypersonic_Weapons
Publication Date: 2019
Publication Name: Defense Technology Brief