Houses of Parliament

House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee – A brave new Britain?

DefenceSynergia is pleased to publish the latest report by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee – A brave new Britain? The future of the UK’s international policy – not least because, in a Strategic Defence and Security context, it supports the position DS has held for over a decade. To quote just one element of this excellent and comprehensive report as an example paragraph 12 of the report’s conclusions says:

‘The Integrated Review must address a lack of clear strategic vision, a lack of confidence, and lack of coherent implementation that has undermined recent international policy by the UK. The Review should respond, and be seen to respond, to the consultation that it has undertaken and the challenge that a robust review requires. It should publish its evidence base transparently, showing that future policy has a broad and strong foundation. And, for Global Britain to be more than just a slogan, the Review must provide: i) a clear articulation of the UK’s interests and values, and of their roles in a coherent strategy for the UK’s international policy ii) clear and limited priorities within designated timeframes iii) meaningful and targeted resources with which to deliver iv) greater coherence and alignment among UK levers of influence, and therefore greater impact abroad v) an unambiguous leadership role for the diplomatic service. The Government has committed to spend 0.7% of GNI on Official Development Assistance (ODA), and we agree with the Government that UK diplomats must play the leading role in coordinating how this money is spent. But we recommend that the resourcing of the UK’s diplomatic service itself be directed by the UK’s strategic needs and must not be skewed by the requirements of ODA eligibility…’