Private Commentary by Christopher Samuel a Founding Member of DefenceSynergia (edited for publication)

The Pandemic ‘Discovery’ – MOD A decade ago, the Government established in its ‘risk register’ that a Pandemic although unlikely to occur was a high threat to the country. In 2016 there was an exercise held to test the Health Service readiness of the ‘government’. The results showed several shortcomings. In 2019 the Covid 19 Continue reading

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DefenceSynergia Open Letter to The Right Honourable Ben Wallace MP, Secretary of State for Defence

National and Defence Strategies Research Group     Dear Secretary of State, DefenceSynergia has long argued, alongside few others, that the UK lacks an articulated Grand Strategy that can inform a subordinate Naval, Military and Air Joint Strategy. The events in Afghanistan, which can only be described as a Strategic and Tactical series of shocks Continue reading

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