HOCDC Strait of Hormuz

The House of Commons Defence Select Committee UK Defence and the Strait of Hormuz oral evidence session took place today. Witnesses were Admiral Lord West. Nick Childs and Penny Mordaunt MP.

Before the session the MOD had been asked for witnesses and had received a letter of refusal, HERE

The hearing about the details of events in the straits of Hormuz revealed concerning disconnects about security and defence decision making within the government. Current structure to address strategic and operational issues appears incoherent and mirrors the poor decisions made in the Iraq war.

MOD professionals were unable to obtain COBRA meetings to provide ministers in other departments as developments happened. This curtailed the operational briefings to acquaint ministers with oversight and provide other options.

The COBRA infrastructure has been hollowed out and the liaison between secretaries of State and the Prime Minister appears to have been obstructed by the National Security Committee.

Comments by Penny Mordaunt about timelines make ugly reading but worthy of wider public knowledge..

There should be an inquiry initiated to ensure there are not similar mistakes made in future.

Full record of witness evidence can be seen here