HCDC Inquiry Into Amphibious Warfare – RM and LPDs

The oral evidence provided on the 5th of December to the House of Commons Defence Committee (HCDC) inquiry into UK Amphibious Warfare capability can be accessed here.  http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/71a68c0d-db9f-4af0-a27b-928dd5831271
The evidence of Maj Gen Julian Thompson and Lt Gen Sir Robert Fry echoed much of the written evidence that DefenceSynergia (DS) is submitting to the HCDC. The bottom line: There is a pressing requirement for Her Majesty’s Government to articulate its Grand Strategy from which the Service Chiefs can produce coherent Military Strategy which in turn will define the appropriate ways and means to achieve the desired ends. Salami slicing is not the way.
Therefore, if SDSR 2015 is still extant, and the UK is to maintain its worldwide expeditionary role and capitalise upon its ‘Hard Power’ influence, not just relying upon ‘Soft Power’, then retaining one of NATO’s true Amphibious Warfare Capabilities – the Royal Marines and their specialist Landing Platform Dock enablers – would seem a ‘no brainer’.
More money is always welcome – but best use of the money allocated is always an option!