HCDC Inquiry – F35B and Carrier Progress

DefenceSynergia (DS) publishes here a March 2020 United States Government Accountability Office report entitled Weapon System Sustainment ‘DoD Needs a Strategy for Re-Designing the F35’s Central Logistic System’. We also publish a 14th September 2020 letter to the UK Defence Committee sent by The Honourable Jeremy Quinn MP, Minister of State for Defence Procurement, covering some UK F35B procurement questions.

On reading and comparing both documents DS wondered if Mr Quinn had been adequately briefed on the potential logistic and operational penalties involved if the Automated Logistic Information System (ALIS) is unreliable and providing erroneous data? The GAO report clearly indicates that ALIS is not performing as advertised and in other reports from the Joint Project Office and Mr Quinn’s letter we know that it is to be replaced by the as yet unproven Operational Data Integrated Network (ODIN) system, but when? 
Further reading of the Minister’s letter to the Chairman of the Defence Select Committee informs us that UK has committed to buy 48 F35B but not when they will all be combat-ready or what size the final fleet will be or whether there will be a mix of A and B variants? These questions require answers.


MoD reply to HOCDC letter

Quinn Letter

GAO report on the progress of ALIS/ODIN Logistics

GAO report