Future Soldier Transforming the British Army

DefenceSynergia (DS) is still digesting the full implications of the UK Gov Policy Paper ‘Future Soldier Transforming the British Army’. 
However, the policy does seem to provide CGS with a clearer sense of Strategic purpose and a method of projecting multiple levels of power from a purely Land Forces perspective in a period of acknowledged diminishing ORBAT.  The plan to base an armoured brigade’s heavy equipment back in Germany is something that DS has been pressing for several years and is most welcome.

Although we in DS recognise that this is primarily an Army document it would be helpful to know where the ‘Whole Force Concept’ plays out in relation to the integration and joint operation of Army formations with RN and RAF defensive and offensive enablers? The paper talks about allies and partners are we to assume that the latter are the RN and RAF? There is a brief mention of Joint Helicopter Command and rightly an understandable focus upon RA and Armoured Fires, Army battlefield surveillance, intelligence gathering and internal RLC logistics but the paper is silent on main stream naval and air power, ISTAR and logistic support that are essential on the modern battlefield.        
It is good news that shortrange and future medium range (Camm) Land Ceptor defensive systems are vested in 7 Air Defence Group, but, are not the British forces as a whole in need of long range and hypersonic missile defences? The devil, as always will be in the detail, but on first reading, and in the financial circumstances, this Army lead policy should be welcomed.      
The full document can be read HERE.