DS Frigate Comparison Data

DS has been concerned for some time that the proposed Royal Navy T26 Frigate (Global Combat Ship) is very expensive compared to frigates currently in service with other European navies. Therefore we produced the following comparison data between a Royal Danish Navy Air Defence (AD) Iver Huitfeldt frigate and the proposed Royal Navy Type 26 Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) frigate. We recognise that AD and ASW are different roles but wonder if the cost differential we identify below can be justified by this fact alone.

We do not claim that this methodology is definitive, only that it is the best immediately available for comparison given that MOD, BAE Systems and the House of Lords Hansard record all offer differing versions of T26 displacement, and that cost estimates vary from circa £750m to £1bn per hull. The latter figures seeming to DS to be extremely high given that complex warships of 6400 tonnes full load displacement are currently being built in Denmark for circa £270m. The data comparison has been passed to the House of Commons Defence Committee to help inform the inquiry into UK Defence Procurement.
All the data was obtained from open source using Wikipedia which in turn provides references for its sources of data.  HERE