DE&S Annual Report 2018/2019

DefenceSynergia is pleased to publish HERE the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Annual report covering Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) activity in the financial year FY18/19 . The document is 104 pages in length so as a brief aide memoire the Contents are broadly laid out as follows: 

Chairman’s introduction page 1

Section 1: 
Performance Report page 3
Overview Chief Executive statement page 5 
Chief Financial Officer’s report page 6 
About DE&S page 8
Performance analysis page 18
Safety, sustainability and security page 28
Looking forward page 32

Section 2: 
Accountability Report page 35
Corporate Governance Report page 36 
Directors’ Report, Statement of Accounting Officer page 37 
Responsibilities & Accounting Officer Confirmation Governance Statement page 38
Remuneration and Staff Report page 54
Parliamentary Accountability and Audit Report page 68
Certificate and Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General page 71

Section 3: 
The Financial Statements page 75
Accounting information page 76
Notes to the accounts page 80