DefenceSynergia Support For Captain Malcolm Farrow RN In His Praise of Our Merchant Navy

On reading the Daily Telegraph letters page recently DefenceSynergia (DS) found itself in full agreement with Captain Farrow when he said:

“Forty years ago this week, Britain was victorious in the Falkland Islands. This achievement is rightly being remembered all over the country.”

Captain Farrow went on to say that…

”At sea, the naval task group consisted of more than 100 vessels, half of them civilian-manned”

Then, with thunderous understatement, he pointed to the unsung heroes of that achievement when he said:

”Without the Merchant Navy, we would have lost the war. Indeed, without the Merchant Navy, we would also lose the peace, since so much of what we need must always come by sea to reach our island home.”

Which is why DS wishes to fully associate itself with the Captain Farrow’s call for everybody to celebrate on September 3rd, a date on which we honour the memory of many tens of thousands of Merchant Seamen – civilian mariners – who served and gave their lives for this country. This, too, was particularly marked in the Second World War when, quite literally, the very survival of the United Kingdom herself was at stake. Captain Farrow goes on to say that…

”This day needs to be more widely recognised. One way of doing so would be for Her Majesty’s ships and shore establishments, at home and overseas, to “dress ship” with masthead Red Ensigns, highlighting the bond between the Royal and Merchant navies, which face the same dangers at sea”.

DS shares this sentiment and would encourage all HM Forces, whether they traditionally serve on Sea, on Land or in the Air to ‘Dress Ship, Garrison or Station’ on September 3rd in honour of the hundreds of thousands of Army, RAF and RM personnel who have been sustained and safely transported around the world by the Merchant Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary.