DefenceSynergia Open Letter to the UK Media



DefenceSynergia Open Letter to the UK Media


President Xi of China and President Putin of Russia are threatening Taiwan and Ukraine. If their threats do turn into invasion, this might induce disagreements over the West’s response which, in turn, would initiate a major geopolitical defeat for the European Union and NATO. It should be noted the BBC reported on the evening of the 17th January that RAF overflights taking UK arms to Ukraine had been refused by Germany and The Netherlands.

The UK has recently consolidated her alliance with Australia and USA through AUKUS and is still styling herself as the foremost European member of NATO. The UK will have to decide where she stands, what her allies expect the UK to do and what she can do given the parlous state of HM Armed Forces following decades of politically induced decline.

Yet to read the UK media news headlines and hear the current political discourse, it seems that the various elites in the UK are deaf and blind to the fact that if Mr Xi and Mr Putin miscalculate, this Nation could find herself at war, implying the commitment of our Armed Forces to combat and putting our civilian population at risk of being targeted by enemy offensive strikes.

The people of HM Forces are always ready to give that ‘last full measure of devotion’. God forbid that the UK and her allies are drawn into dynamic conflict with either Russia, China or other unfriendly countries! We are not ready.


Yours Faithfully – 9 Founding members of DefenceSynergia,


Surgeon Rear Admiral Ralph Curr OStJ FRCGP AKC

Captain John Marshall Royal Navy

Group Captain Patrick Tootal RAF (Retd) OBE DL


Lieutenant Commander David Graham RD Royal Naval Reserve

Lieutenant Commander Christopher Samuel Royal Navy

Squadron Leader Dave Tisdale RAF (Retd)

Mr Tim Dainton

Mr Mike Parnell

Mr Ben Sharp