DefenceSynergia Concerned that Gulf Crisis Exposes MOD Lack of Cohesion

The Gulf Crisis has exposed the UK’s lack of defence cohesion and capability, says DefenceSynergia. Why is HMS Duncan to be relieved in the Gulf region in circa two months by HMS Kent and then no doubt will return for a period of maintenance in home port, when there is a RN operating base in the region. The fiasco of having insufficient RN vessels in the Gulf will continue and the lack of available reinforcements in UK is exposed. What does this indicate about UK maritime readiness if our enemies do not give us advanced notice?

DS wonders what is the point in HMS Jufair [where HMS Montrose will be maintained] if the RN cannot maintain other ships like the Type 45 Destroyer there? Does this not demonstrate the lack of cohesion and foresight in HMG/MOD when they instigate, against all advice, a money saving policy by retiring RFA Diligence a repair ship used in the Falklands war and for the last decade which had extensive facilities to maintain surface ships and SSNs and which herself had undergone a refit not long before being demobilised.

Whatever happened to Fleet Maintenance Groups based in both Devonport and Portsmouth that often deployed? Gone now because most of the work has been contracted to commercial concerns. In the view of DS this is a major mistake because the RN is no longer able to make the best use of the very few operational ships they have available due to long standing refit and upgrading requirements; particularly with regard to the Type 45 destroyers.

This is further evidence that the Royal Navy is woefully short of resources such as frigates and destroyers – a situation that has long been pointed out by DS and a number of other eminent naval commentators!