Carrier Strike Briefing DS PAC and HCDC input Jan 2021

DefenceSynergia (DS) has long advocated that the UK requires ‘true Carrier Strike’ capability in order to help meet the government’s ‘Global Britain’ mantra – what we take to mean ‘Strategic Aim’. As such DS has fully supported the development, build, and introduction into service of the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) carriers – HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. 

However, as the National Audit Office report into ‘Carrier Strike’ (14th June 2020) presented a mixed picture of the project DS decided to follow this up and look in more detail at the ‘system’ rather than viewing the carrier, its escorts, RFA support and air group as separate elements.
Last week we offered our views to the House of Commons Defence and Public Accounts Committees in a paper entitled ‘Carrier Enabled Power Projection’. Given the high level of publicity being expended upon the impending despatch of a combined UK/US Carrier Strike  Group to the East this year, DS felt we should publish on our website.  HERE