And the true statement is?

DS wonders if the Prime Minister is being briefed truthfully as to the state of the Armed Forces by the MOD’.  The herculean efforts being made by Service personnel with unreliable systems & equipment, terms & conditions in times of increasing threat are truly outstanding.

Prime Minister’s Questions 23rd November 2016

Wayne David (Caerphilly) (Lab):

“In these uncertain times we would all surely agree that Britain needs strong defence, so how can the Prime Minister justify her Government’s decision to scrap all the Navy’s heavyweight
surface-to-surface guided missiles without any replacement?”

The Prime Minister:

“I do not recognise the picture that the Honourable Gentleman presents of what the Government are doing in relation to the armed forces. We are investing billions of pounds in ensuring that our armed forces do have the missiles, the ships for the Royal Navy and the other pieces of equipment for the other armed forces. The picture that he presents is not the picture I recognise.”


Yet the the First Sea Lord has publicly stated in his recent speech….

“The UK, like any developed economy, has to control public spending. Difficult decisions had to be taken to balance the books and retiring the Harpoon missile system was one”.

This indicates, not withstanding statements to the contrary, that Harpoon is being withdrawn through lack of funding.