About Defence Synergia

Welcome to the DefenceSynergia web site – we use DS for short.

We are a defence and strategies research group shining a light on UK defence policy. We are tri-service, apolitical and self funding. We fervently argue that DEFENCE IS WORTH PAYING FOR. We engage politicians and government through direct contact as well as the written input establishing over the past 9 years relationships with MP’s, MEP’s, academics and parliamentary committees.

DS believes that a UK Strategic narrative is the key to informing foreign and defence policy and we have devoted a considerable amount of web space to that aspect of Defence and Security Policy.

However, policy without Strategic aim is directionless and Armed Force unsupported by the Resources and Enablers that Strategy dictates, is an illusion.

DS argues that there must be a clear line of sight between Strategy, Operational Requirement and the Procurement Process. The latter being undermined by the lack of a clearly articulated national Grand Strategy and coherent national Industrial/Defence Strategy.

DS challenges current UK maritime, air power and land policy in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR 2015) as incoherent without clear Strategic guidance to inform the ‘why, when, where, and for how long’ questions that all military planners need to know before committing Armed Force.

The NUCLEAR DETERRENT, vested in Continual at Sea Deterrence (CASD), is viewed by DS as a fundamental strategic priority for the UK. In this we support and share the views Dr Julian Lewis MP, John Hutton and Lord Robertson and many other serious defence analysts and commentators.