MoD Equipment Plan 2019-2029

DefenceSynergia is pleased to publish the Ministry of Defence (MoD) 2019 to 2029 Equipment Plan. However, a recent National Audit Office (NAO) report said this…”Today the National Audit Office (NAO) reports that the Ministry of Defence’s Equipment Plan (the Plan) is still unaffordable, with the MoD estimating that costs will be £2.9 billion higher than Continue reading

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No Strategy, No Public Discourse – Royal Navy Escorts 2021       

DefenceSynergia (DS) is most grateful to Christopher Samuel, a former Royal Navy officer and founder member of DS, for providing the following short commentary on the state of the United Kingdom’s (UK) maritime defences. The issues covered become more pertinent in view of Her Majesty’s Government decision to launch a new review of UK security Continue reading

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