Defence of the Nation – A DS Raison D’etere

“Defence of the Realm is the First Duty of Government” This is the acknowledged purpose of all United Kingdom (UK) governments. But The Government has failed to articulate a consistent “GRAND STRATEGY” – The CRUCIAL MISSING LINK – Thus putting the Defence of the realm at real risk. The overwhelming majority of the United Kingdom’s Continue reading

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UK Defence – Ready and Able to Regenerate. Are We?

UK Defence – Readiness and Regeneration After some time to reflect upon the UK military’s ability to regenerate DS has concluded that the situation is worse than we feared when we first wrote on the subject. As the Armed Forces contract so does the pool of essential trained technicians upon which, not only the British Continue reading

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Vanguard class Trident missile submarine

The Nuclear Deterrent

Evidence to the Trident Commisssion by Squadron Leader Dave Tisdale RAF (Retd) and Mr Christopher Samuel (Associate Fellow in National Security and Resilience at RUSI) – Founder Members of DefenceSynergia  1.Defence of the realm and its people is the first priority of Government, therefore, the UK should remain a nuclear armed power. A submarine launched Continue reading

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