About Defence Synergia

Welcome to the DefenceSynergia web site – we use DS for short.

As our strap line tells you; we are a defence and strategies research group attempting to shine a light on UK defence policy. To that end we are tri-service, apolitical and self funding – beholden to no external influence.

We decided at the outset to explain in an honest and direct format WHY DEFENCE IS WORTH PAYING FOR. However, since DS first formed over 4 years ago we have made strenuous efforts to avoid a purely academic approach, preferring to engage the political and governmental system through personal contact as well as the written word. To this end DS has slowly established good working relationships with many MP’s, MEP’s, academics, the National Audit Office and several parliamentary committees.

To be fair and open DS has, wherever possible, used the latest official Government and Ministry of Defence  source documentation.  But, as DS believes that a UK Strategic narrative is the key to informing foreign and defence policy we have devoted a considerable amount of web space to these aspects of our work. Strategy (some talk of Policy) without Resources and Enablers is an illusion. 

Which is why DS papers challenge current UK defence policy in respect of maritime and air power post the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR 2010), We specifically argue that the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier programme – which HMG maintains is central to their strategic vision for UK – is flawed when equipped with the F35B Lightning II short take-off and rolling landing aircraft and rotary wing airborne early warning because of a lack of due diligence by MOD when considering the essential requirement for catapults and arrestor gear. We argue that there must be a clear line of sight between Strategy, Operational Requirement and the Procurement Process. The latter being undermined by the lack of a clearly articulated national Grand Strategy and national Industrial/Defence Strategy.

The NUCLEAR DETERRENT, vested in Continual at Sea Deterrence (CASD), is viewed by DS a fundamental strategic priority for the UK and we support Dr Julian Lewis MP, John Hutton and Lord Robertson who, along with DS, have submitted evidence to the now published BASIC – Trident Commission report.