Thales and Royal Air Force Air Transport Synthetic Training Systems

DS is once again grateful to Howard Wheeldon FRAeS for granting permission to reproduce one of his informative articles. This one is based on Howard’s recent visit to RAF Brize Norton and covers the sophisticated government funded contractor operated Synthetic system in place for the training of RAF air and ground crew on the A330 Voyager and A400M Atlas. We Continue reading

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Howard Wheeldon FRAeS – Failed Army Recruitment and Retention Policy

DS is pleased to publish the following commentary, by Howard Wheeldon FRAeS, on the subject of British Army Recruitment and Retention. The piece focuses upon a critique of HMG/MOD policy in respect of the setting and implementation of plans for the re-brigading of the Regular Army and Army Reserve. DS endorses this view but is concerned that the issues raised regarding force numbers, Continue reading

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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – Article 5 and the Strategic Dilemma that Dare Not Speak its Name or How the West has got Mr Putin just where he wants them.

DS has pressed the issue of NATO (read across UK) unpreparedness in the face of a revanchist Russia, most especially in respect of the threat to the Baltic States. A lack of funding – many NATO States not meeting their obligations to spend at least 2% of GDP – a dearth of logistic enablers to transport large armoured and heavy Continue reading

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